The Bath Business has been operating a workshop for many months now.
We have restored many original Victorian Cast Iron Baths as well as antique French sinks, toilets, bidets etc.
Although 90% of our client base prefer to have their bath or other sanitary wear restored or resurfaced in situ there are occassions for having the work done in our workshop. If you have an lovely old roll top bath that’s been sitting in the garden or have picked up a beautiful French Antique sink or lavatory and bidet then these items can be delivered to our workshop for attention and restoration before they are finally plumbed in.
The workshop restoration is more precise and thorough. Our technicians are not limited by time. They are perfectionists so they can spend more time perfecting the final result.

This service has been particularly popular with Interior designers, specialist bathroom fitters as well as our typical client base. The benefit to our clients are that they can have their bath or other sanitary wear taken to our workshop. Whilst we restore the item or items they can continue with their renovations to their bathroom without the bath or even the whole bathroom suite being in the way. Another benefit is we can do work in the workshop that is not possible in situ. For example the feet on a roll top may be damaged or possible one or two broken completly. We can have them restored at the workshop, or if necessarry completly recast.

In addition to resurfacing baths, washbasins etc  we can now have original taps reconditioned. So if you have some lovely old taps that drip or are hard to turn we can recondition these for you. We can also have them chrome or nickel plated. So the taps can be made to last another 100 years and also look new again. Some people also have their cast iron feet chrome plated. This can look quite stunning. Art Nouveau style feet or large lion claw feet once restored in this fashion can add the finale elegant finishing touch to any bath restoration work.

Have a look at some of our work

Lovely Roll Top resurfaced in our workshop


  1. Mary Saltz

    September 7, 2012

    I would love your advice on how to get a tub resurfaced in situ in Atlanta GA in the US. any thoughts? We have a heavy old tub, which would be almost impossible to remove without tearing down the house. I do not want to replace it as it is charming, but it is from the 1930s and need to be refinished! Help!

    • I am so sorry but somehow we missed your comment. I’m afraid we are UK based. So sorry we can’t help.


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