Another service we can provide is tap restoration.

We can restore and re-plate Modern, Classic and Vintage original Antique Victorian or Edwardian Taps. 

If your antique Victorian taps are dripping or very stiff and hard to turn correctly or even not working at all then you can send them to us for restoration in the work shop. The tap can be restored and good to use again for another 100 years! We are then able to have them plated in Chrome, Nickel, Gold or Silver Plate.

We can also restore and re-plate modern taps and re-condition a lot of Art Deco taps. If in doubt contact us for a quote.

For the plating process the taps are chemically stripped and then polished to a flawless finish before being re plated to customers specification. Chrome plating is very popular but Nickel plating proves the most popular for Victorian bathrooms.

Once the taps have been restored and plated we then test them for a secound time and make sure they are working perfectly.

The process is well worth doing and the end results can be truly beautiful.

For brass taps you may wish to have them polished after reconditioning rather than have them plated. Although as the maintenance is quite high for brass taps many of our clients choose to have these taps silver nickel-plated.

You may have bought a lovely antique bath to restore or wash hand basin and require the taps to be restored as well. Or you need the new taps made to look in keeping with the bath and therefore wish to have the taps re plated. You may be lucky enough to own some original antique Victorian or Edwardian taps. Restoring them can provide a new lease of life and rejuvenate the whole look of your bathroom. Perhaps you simply want to change the look of your modern taps by replating them in a different finish. If so we can help you.

We can also restore the feet on cast iron baths. Original Ball and Claw feet can come to look very old and rusty over time. Once we clean them up and Silver Nickel or Chrome plate them. They look absolutely stunning!

Having your taps restored can be the perfect finishing touch to your newly resurfaced or re enamelled bath.

Contact us via the form below and we will provide you with a quote. If you can also email us a picture of your taps or claw feet that would be most helpful. Our email address is Alternatively call 01342324577 and ask to speak to Teresa Kane

  1. Great!Thanks for the post.It is good thing that there’s an alternative way on how you will restore taps to make it useful and more creative to the customer.


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