Welcome to the Bath Business’s Blog.

Here is a sporadic diary of my life at work resurfacing baths. I am not really going to talk about  resurfacing baths as such, as one job is pretty much like another, the procedure doesn’t vary and it would be very boring to read. The literary equivalent of watching paint dry. I have put some interesting articles in the blog about more interresting aspects of resurfacing and I also cover some of the more technical information in those articles. I hope you enjoy reading those articles.

But in this job, you travel the country a lot, going to places you wouldn’t normally visit. You see some interesting things and meet some interesting people.

So my intent is to write about those things and people I come across which strike me as being different, unusual and , hopefully, interesting to read about.
We specialize in Bath Resurfacing, Bath Reenamelling and Bath repairs in the UK.

Visit our website: www.thebathbusiness.co.uk

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