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Filling of Tap Holes

In Victorian Roll Top Bath.

On the 9th of May, 2011 we went to a job in Newbury, Berkshire.

The client wanted the tap holes on her Victorian roll top bath filled and then the whole bath to be resurfaced.

The tap holes themselves were on the “roll” itself and were cut into the curve of the bath.

(This was why the client wanted them filled as they were only able to find taps with flat bases and as a result the taps wouldn’t fit flush to the curve of the roll top on the bath.)

So they’d had their plumber install taps on a stand  or on standpipes, so now the new taps wouldn’t be on the bath at all.

But this left two, newly redundant, tap holes, which is where we came in.

The bath had been resurfaced by another company at some point in the past. This was now failing. Before we could start on the tap holes and get the bath resurfaced with our advanced system, we would need to strip this old failing surface off

Once that had been dealt with, fibreglass was applied to the tap holes to give the area strength. Once this had hardened, smoother fillers were used to help form the curve needed.

When the filled holes had been shaped to match the adjacent area of the roll top, the entire bath was resurfaced.

And then it was a case of, at least for the tap holes, now you see them, now you don’t

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